Where in the world are Nicole and Scott?

December 30, 2016 by braytonbb

 Travel and play along


Where in the world are Nicole and Scott? That will be the question for several weeks this winter. This is a work and personal excursion rolled into one. Departing on January 1st and returning in February, we will be traveling this great country. A very gracious and dear friend will be watching over the inn while we are on the road. No worries though, you can still check availability and make reservations online.  I will also be available when and where reception is available.

To make this fun for all, I will be posting a picture of one or both of us at our planned and spontaneous destinations. Where do you come to play in this adventure? The person that can correctly guess the most locations we are at, based upon the pictures that we take, will win a gift certificate good for 50% off their stay at Brayton Bed and Breakfast this Spring. One guess per person per location please. The winner will be announced when we return.

This is the first year that Scott and I have decided to take a break from the snowy Wisconsin winter and see the country. We look forward to this road trip and can’t wait to see where the car takes us. I also look forward to seeing who follows us and the guesses that roll in. Good Luck and have fun!