Cilantro Cooks Interview

October 27, 2016 by braytonbb

cilantro-cooksI was so excited to get asked to do an interview with Cilantro Cooks. It has happened a few times before with others and I am always eager to help.  I am a big online shopper! When people ask me where I typically get something, it is usually an online source. If you have never been to this website, they have so much fun stuff to look at and buy from kitchen gadgets to food. If you are looking for the hard to find item or even looking for something that is unique, this is your online resource. They also have videos on how to prepare meals to forums from people who have the same questions as yourself. They even have giveaways. Who doesn’t want to get something for free everyone once in awhile? I know I do! Check out my interview above and while your reading, check out their site too for your next fun find.