Time to be thankful

a thankful heart

I am thankful everyday for my family and the wonderful friends that I have. However, lately I have been thinking a lot about how fast time goes by. Since my daughter Chase has been 4 she has helped us remodel 4 homes. Nine years ago, my husband Scott and I bought what is now Brayton Bed and Breakfast. We spent a year and half working on one room at at time trying to make each room come alive the way we visualized it in our minds. Nine years ago my daughter was 7. This would be her third house that she has helped with. Though she was small she was a great help cleaning radiators and painting. She has met many guests throughout the years. She learned how to crochet, learned a little French, and best of all learned to meet, greet and talk to people confidently

Three weeks ago today, she went for her drivers license and got it. We all were overjoyed.  For those of you with older children I think you will know where I am going with this, but those of you who still have young ones at home you know that it seems like you spend of majority of your time running your children to play dates, birthday parties, sports practice and games, school and more. At times it becomes overwhelming but I reminded myself often as I did when she was little that nothing lasts forever. Sooner or later babies sleep through the night, but one day, they stop grabbing your hand to walk across the street and they stop waving when you drop them off at school and then they get their license. I had been nervous  for that day for a while knowing that I would be worrying about her on the road.  The first day came though when I drank my tea, watched the news and she gave me a hug and kiss as she hopped in her car and drove to school by herself. These last few weeks have been a little more leisurely and a little bit of emptiness too. I am thankful for the mature young girl that we have raised, but it makes me sad too that time has gone by so quickly and I am being relied on just a little bit less. Bittersweet.

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  1. Judy

    So true. Such a thoughtful post, and beautiful. Thank you for sharing your heart, not only as an Innkeeper but as a Mom and friend!

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