Wisconsin Bed and Breakfast Cookbook is here

cookbookWell, they are finally in. The Wisconsin Bed and Breakfast cookbook is here. If you pre ordered your copy, it is waiting for you to come and pick it up anytime. I did order 10 additional copies for those of you have decided they just can’t live with out this years addition or if you have decided that they will make excellent Christmas gifts.

This is the largest collection of recipes EVER from the Wisconsin Bed and Breakfast Association. These recipes are from many of my friends and other innkeepers around the state. Some of these recipes are old family secrets (not anymore), some are recipes born from mistakes and some were tweaked from other recipes. This is the Eighth  cookbook that WBBA has put out. Every prior addition has sold out.  These are not just breakfast recipes either. You will get everything from appetizers, lunch, dinner, desserts and special dietary recipes as well.  You can find a recipe by inn or by category.

We have a total of 6 recipes in the book which I am sure some of you have tried. I tried to add recipes that were not in the previous books in case you had copies from the past.  I look forward to making a few of these myself from other inns. Its great to share recipes that you know are a hit.

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  1. OrGreenic

    Nice post. It’s fun to learn new recipe that we may prepare for our family. It’s a good way to keep their appetite and eat healthy. Thanks for posting.

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