Spirits of the Grand

The Grand is such a cool place to go for concerts and performances, but have you ever wondered more about the history of Grand, like is it haunted? Or have you ever gone where the general public doesn’t get to go see like under the stage, dressing rooms, etc? Well now you can.

More than 130 years of stories are held within the walls of Oshkosh’s Grand Opera House. This annual festivity takes courageous visitors on a walk through a building which is thought by many to be one of the most haunted in the state.

Actors will lead you through the auditorium, dressing rooms and some of the secret rooms beneath the historic theater. Along the way, you’ll meet the spirits of those who helped write the history of the Grand, including a stagehand, a former manager of the Grand and a mysterious audience member.

All these ghostly appearances take place amid the splendor of the Grand Opera House, which will be adorned with spooky lighting and decorations to set the mood for the tours. Each night in the Grand Lounge, there will be a “Haunted Happy Hour” featuring a full array of beverages.   SPIRITS OF THE GRAND is open for public tours at selected times, October 18-31, 2012.