Best Engagement thus far at the inn!

Josh and AlyssaI would like to introduce you to Josh and Alyssa. Josh called me up a few weeks ago wanting to plan something big for his girlfriend Alyssa, who he was planning on asking to marry him. I got right into engagement planner mode asked a lot of questions. Josh brought out all the stops. He wanted a couples massage at Mode Salon, bouquet of flowers in the room when they arrived, chocolates, wine and dinner at Beckets were all reserved along with a pontoon boat ride Captained by my very own Captain Scotty. Then he asks me if I knew of anyone to do a caricature drawing. I didn’t but I made some calls. I didn’t have much luck though in finding anyone to do the job in 4 days, but once again, Josh came through and found someone from the University. We planned for Captain Scotty to drop this lovely couple off at Menomonee park where he would just happen to come across an artist who would ask if they would like there picture to be drawn. Hmmm. Clever, huh? In the picture Josh would be down on one knee proposing. When Alyssa saw the picture, Josh would do the same. Ahhh, how romantic!

Stop! It didn’t quite work out that way. If only the movies played out in real life. The morning Josh and Alyssa were to arrive, Alyssa was so sick that Josh had to cancel everything. I was just as disappointed and let down as Josh. Well, maybe not quite the same. Josh had been so nervous and anxious and I know he really wanted this to go off without a hitch.

No problem, I said, lets do it next weekend. Nice, this poor boy had to wait another whole week, but we were going to make this work. Everything was rescheduled to the best of our ability. When meeting Alyssa for the first time, I was already so excited for her. I played dumb though and always asked lots of questions, but she kept saying that Josh was keeping her in suspense. She really didn’t know what he had planned for the weekend. The third morning they were here, they went out on the boat as planned with a picnic basket that I packed for them. Captain Scotty had it hidden in the boat and after a few hours asked Josh and Alyssa if they wanted to stop at the park for a picnic. TaDah. Lunch already packed! The two had lunch, then appeared the artist, then their portrait and then finally the question was asked? Did she say yes? Of course she did with tears in her eyes all the way back to the inn after calling all loved ones.
What a wonderful couple. We both are so excited for you both and hope that we can celebrate with you in your future plans.