EAA Celebrities

In a previous post I talked about how excited I get every year for EAA. We tend to usually have the same group ( or mostly) the same each year. This year though we had a couple from Australia looking to buy a plane. I think he was more confused when he left though then when he first got here. It was a lot more than what he bargained for. I hope we will see them again though or least hear from them because I am very interested to fine out what he settled on. We also had another young couple here from Brazil. They have been in the States for a couple months and will be for a couple more, but his Grandfather wanted to experience EAA, therefore they got to as well. They were exhausted by the time they left from so much to see.

As for our regulars we have a couple that worked for American Airlines when we first met them 5 years ago but who are now retired and loving life with their new puppy. We also have a couple from California that fly out each year in their Long-EZ which I find absolutely beautiful! Every other year though, Mom and Dad come along for the fun. You see there is a race known as The Airventure Cup Race which is flown to unite aviation’s rich history with its promising future. The competition is a timed race with 11 or more classes of aircraft based on engine size and landing gear configuration, thus enabling aircraft to achieve best times according to class. The goal is to combine aviation history with innovation, new technologies and individual craftsmanship into a fun filled race that partcipants and spectators alike enjoy. After a mass arrival at the Oshkosh Whittman Regional Airport, the race aircraft were on display during EAA week in the homebuilt parking area. You can visit http://www.airventure.org/ for more information.

We want to say congratulations to Paul and Pam who took first place, AGAIN, in the experimental class with their Lancair IV and Jenny and Klaus who took 2nd in the Formula FX Blue Class in their Long-EZ. We look forward to seeing everyone next year and good luck to those who participate in the race.