Great day for a hike!

For the past three years Chase and I have taken one day of the summer to go hiking. We have always gone to High Cliff State Park, just North of Appleton. It is a relatively short drive for us and we have always enjoyed ourselves. It over looks the lake and the walks along the bluffs are AMAZING!  This year, Chase asked me if we could go somewhere different.  “Sure”, I said. “Do some research and let me know where you would like to go within a couple of hours of Oshkosh.”. She came up with Manitowoc. Point Beach Hiking trail goes along the beach on Lake Michigan.  Sounded perfect. We both like it warm and thought this will be great walking along the beach. We planned on June 25 th. When we woke up yesterday though, the temps were pretty cool. Though it was supposed to reach 75 here in Oshkosh,  the weather in Manitowoc and Two Rivers was only supposed to be 65. That was a little too cool for us. So at the last minute we decided to go to Waupaca. The drive was about 50 minutes and we found ourselves at Hartman Creek State Park.  With seven lakes with crystal clear waters, a sandy swimming beach, and miles of different types of trails made this an ideal spot. We hiked about 7 miles with different types of terrain from paved, crushed  limestone to jumping over trees and mud. We even took a bit of a scenic tour back home and went on the great back roads with shaded trees hanging over and wonderful wildlife.

We decided that we favored High Cliff because the trails were better marked, but still it gave it rave reviews. We are planning a trip to Manitowoc later in the summer still though.

Wherever you decide to go, check the websites and find out how far you are willing to drive, what kind of terrain you can handle and what it is that you would like to experience. I would highly recommend.