Where can I find a bed and breakfast?

It really is incredible the number of people that stay with us from Oshkosh that say, ” I didn’t even know there was a bed and breakfast in town”, or ” I have driven or walked by here often and didn’t even know you were here”.

We always ask our guests if they stay in B&B’s often. We do get a lot of first timers that say “I never thought about staying a bed and breakfast” or “I don’t know why we don’t stay in them more”. I would like to think or at least it seems though that once people leave us,they seem to have a better understanding on what a bed and breakfast is. Hopefully they will think of it more in the future when they  want to stay close to home, travel out of town, out state or even out of the country for that matter.

So where can I find a good bed and breakfast?  The internet and iphones have been a great deal of help, but how do you know that you are getting what you are paying for. First off, stick with sites that you are familiar with, have consistent reviews or that you have heard from others that are worthwhile.

You may not know this, but most states have there own bed and breakfast associations. Wisconsin has one called Wisconsin Bed and Breakfast Association(WBBA). We are one of the largest in the country. This is a great place to start since there are strict guidelines to participate. You know when you stay at a Wisconsin bed and breakfast through WBBA, that you will get exactly what you were promised. There are bed and breakfasts that do exist that do not partner with WBBA, but its kind of like staying a 4 star hotel compared to a 2 star.  There site is user friendly where you can pick a certain city, area or amenities that you are looking for.

Another great source, especially if you are looking out of Wisconsin is bedandbreakfast.com. Unlike WBBA, they don’t have the standards to abide by, but you do have a lot to choose from and they offer some very helpful reviews on each of the properties.

Next time you are thinking about traveling, think of a bed and breakfast. You are supporting the community that you are visiting and the service will be far more friendly and knowledgeable.