Oshkosh Half Marathon and 5K

It is the eighth annual Oshkosh half marathon and 5K coming up on April 22nd. I always get the feeling that Spring is here when the half marathon comes around. Although the weather sometimes does not prove it to be Spring. Our winter has been so mild hopefully the day will be wonderful. We are always lucky to get some runners who stay with us being that we are so close to the event.

Our daughter Chase is the kind of the girl that likes to be involved in as many things as she can handle. She likes to stay busy and challenge herself as well. Chase has taken cross country and track and field, but I would  not call her a runner. In fact, I don’t really think she likes to run, however she does like to know that she can beat her time from before. So last year, I remember the half marathon quite well. Chase asked me if she could participate about 1 week before. I said of course, reluctantly, since she had not trained at all.  Now before I tell you the rest of the story, Chase is 14. She is a teenage girl that likes to dress like it is Spring and Summer out year round. Coats are NOT COOL. They should make a fashion statement and only be worn if it looks good with the rest of the outfit.

The day of the half marathon last year, it was drizzling snow and rain slightly. I could not convince her to wear a coat, since I have no idea what I am talking about.  I am not a runner either, so therefore,  yes I am a horrible  mother and sent her out with yoga pants and a long sleeve shirt. Four hours later, she finished in the snow, rain and sleet with wet clothes, purple fingers and chattering teeth. I brought blankets to pick her up, turned on the heat as high as I could get it and wrapped my arms around her while trying to make hot chocolate at the same time.

This year, she  has decided only to do the 5K and started training slightly to not at all mid March. This year she will probably dress warmer than she will have to because hopefully it will be 70 degrees out.

The route will start on Main and Ceape and continue past the historic Paine Art Center and Oshkosh Public Museum. It catches the Wiowash Trail, then heads south on the river-front trail to the Wisconsin Avenue Bridge. It continues on Ohio St., proceeds through South Park onto 12th Ave turning left on Knapp, onth 18th and Main. The final mile goes through the heart of downtown Oshkosh, catches the river trail behind the Convention Center and finishes inside the Leach Amphitheatre. The 5K course starts and ends at the same points as the Half Marathon.