Death to the Doilies!

You may have heard about it, you may have not, but I am proud to tell you that the Death to the Doily campaign has started.  I do not have a lot of information to tell you since it is fairly new and the  details are still being worked out. There was supposed to be an open house on April 22nd for B&B’s to participate, but they did not have a very good turn out for participants so that has been canceled.

Death to the Doilies? What is it you ask? Well, let me tell you. There are many misconceptions to a bed and a breakfast and one of them is the dreaded doily! Yes, at one time, whatever B&B you went to, they were there. Under lamps, used as coasters, on the backs of chairs and yes, even made into bed spreads. I am happy to report though, that we have never had a single doily at our inn, nor will we ever. Now, don’t get me wrong. I am not putting down the doily and those B&B’s that use them. One in many advantages to staying at a B&B is that we are all so different, unlike the boring hotel chains. You have your choice of so many different locations whether its in the country, the city, a turn of the century Victorian, row house, farm house or modern day new construction. If you love the doily, they are still there, however if you do not, you do have options.

I have included this video which will give you a glimpse of the promotion and some quirky innkeeper humor.

Death to the Doily Video