Yoga Anyone?

My sister introduced me to yoga about 3 years ago. I went twice and decided that it was not for me. I was doing pilates and zumba at the time which I really liked the pace of both of them and yoga just seemed a little to slow for me . I couldn’t get my head in it. About a year later, I was having a hard time sleeping well. I have always talked and did a little walking in my sleep, but it seemed to take over my life recently.  I tried a new mattress, herbal teas, vitamins, and went to the doctor who said I should get a sleep apnea test. I had insurance, but apparently my insurance didn’t cover the cost, and the cost was not worth it to  me to take the test.  I knew that I could figure this out on my own.  Not long after, I was at a women’s group that I below to and I was talking to some other women about my condition. It just happened that the women from Inner Sun Yoga studio was there and she suggested I try yoga. I listened to what she had to say and said I would come. Even though I knew that it was not for me, I knew that I needed some sleep and so did my husband, so I decided to try again.

Inner Sun Yoga studio is just one block away from us. I liked the convenience so I decided to walk to class one day. I am sure you know where this is going, but after class I felt great. I felt like I got a good workout in and I felt more relaxed. I tend to be a pretty high energy person and have to remind myself to relax more often than not. Anyway, that evening, I slept a little bit better and so did my husband so I decided to go back. After the second session, I was hooked. I did try other instructors and noticed that each one conducted their class a little differently which meant that I was getting something different from each class and instructor.  The longer I went, I learned which classes and which instructors were giving me what I needed.

It has now been three years since the first time I have gone and though I still do a little talking in my sleep once in awhile, I do sleep much more soundly, I need less hours and I have learned to relax throughout my day. I am so thankful for Deb at Inner Sun Yoga Studio for convincing me to come back.

If you have never taken a yoga class or even if you have and thought that it was not for you, try it again. Inner Sun Yoga studio awakens your senses the minute you walk in the door with relaxing smells and an intimate atmosphere that takes you into a different place. Deb and I have put together a package deal for a couple of her workshops coming up. You save money on her workshop and on your stay with us as well. You can view more details about her workshops and the package deal on both of our websites.