Friday recipe of the week – Banana Pudding

We always have a lot of bananas around. Our entire family eats them so I buy them all the time and I have some great recipes that are quick and easy that use bananas. Sometimes I get carried away and buy too many or they don’t go as fast one week.

This recipe stemmed from that. I had to come up with something to use up some bananas that weren’t ready for banana bread yet.

Banana Pudding – Serves 4 (Overnight recipe)

1 C half and half, 1 C almond milk, 3 TB cornstarch, pinch of salt, 1/3 C sugar, 1 Lg egg, 1 tsp. vanilla extract, 2 Lg bananas, 6 graham crackers, broken into 1” pieces, 1 TB cocoa powder and ¼ C almond slices.

Heat half and half and almond milk in a saucepan over med. heat until almost simmering. Remove from heat.

Whisk the cornstarch, salt, sugar and egg in a medium glass bowl. Pour about half of the hot milk mixture into the bowl and whisk quickly until smooth. Pour the mixture back into the saucepan and cook over med. heat, whisking quickly until thick and starting to bubble, 1-2 min. Whisk in the vanilla.

Transfer the mixture to a bowl and let cool, stirring occasionally. Cut the bananas into  slices.

Layer a few banana slices, a few pieces of graham cracker and 2 TB of prepared pudding in each of the 4 glasses. Sprinkle with cocoa powder and almonds, then repeat more layers. Cover with plastic wrap and chill 4 hours or overnight.