Four Square Tournament

Who doesn’t remember a good game of four square of elementary school. Kids are still playing it now days and so can you again at the Four Square Tournament hosted by Body Works International on February 18th from 9:00-2:30.  For those that do not remember the criteria for the playing the game. I have listed the objective and rules below, but of coarse you can always go to the Bodyworks International website for more information.

The Goal of the game of 4-Square

Four-square is played with a rubber ball on a court made of four adjacent squares.

The objective in four-square is advance to the highest square on the court by eliminating other players with a rubber ball. When the ball is bounced into your square you must then bounce it back out without hitting twice in your own square, otherwise you are out. The ball is bounced from one square to another and players are eliminated for hitting the ball incorrectly, into the wrong square, playing out of turn, or by causing other specific errors. The object is to eliminate players in higher squares so that you can make it to the ‘four square’ and score the most points Once at the highest ranking square, a player scores points and has the privilege of serving the ball to start each round. Any number of players may wait in a line outside the court for their turn to play.