Oshkosh has two amazing museums right across the street from each other. They both do an incredible job of bringing in exhibits that draw in many different types of crowds. If you have not been to the Oshkosh Public Museum to see the this current exhibit that runs through March 4, now is the best time to do it. While you are in town with the girls shopping, take break and go back into time to view this exquisite show-stopping fashion exhibit. Bling spotlights on 100 years of high-class style and clothing embellishments. Trend-setting fashions and accoutrements, including hats, jewelry and evening gowns will be on display.The exhibit grants backstage access to the richest styles of the century and showcases over-embellished fashions and designer duds, all from the collections of the Oshkosh Public Museum. Ornate bustle dresses, elegant Titanic-era gowns and dazzling flapper sheaths sparkle with 100 years of bling. Presidential inauguration gowns, bridal trousseaus and dresses fit for queens are accented by an eclectic display of tres chicaccessories, including hats, clutches and parasols.

We have paired up with the OPM to give you a truly memorable package. Check out our special packages page to see the details on your stay and a visit to the Oshkosh Public Museum.

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  1. Hendri

    I’m glad that the buteay of these dresses came through in the photos, Courtney! They really were a sight to see!

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